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Rural scene of the lake

Weasel Coffee

Rural scene of the lake

Elephant crossing Lak lake

Natural swimming pool

Elephant riding in Lak Lake

Home » News » tour 5a : Buon Ma Thuot airport or BMT bus station - BMT city tour - Draysap, Draynur waterfalls – long house in Jun village of Lak lake (two days, one night)

tour 5a : Buon Ma Thuot airport or BMT bus station - BMT city tour - Draysap, Draynur waterfalls – long house in Jun village of Lak lake (two days, one night)

MONday - 11/11/2013 15:58
tour 5a : Buon Ma Thuot airport or BMT bus station - BMT city tour - Draysap, Draynur waterfalls – long house in Jun village of Lak lake (two days, one night)

tour 5a : Buon Ma Thuot airport or BMT bus station - BMT city tour - Draysap, Draynur waterfalls – long house in Jun village of Lak lake (two days, one night)

Come to  Buon Ma Thuot to wallow in nature
      •* First day : We greet you at either the Buon Ma Thuot airport or bus station to go to  tourist destinations.
And then go to visit Akothon (Ako Dhong) village (the village of Ede minority people), ethnological museum of Dak Lak, Trung Nguyen coffee village,  coffee restaurant of MeHyCo . Buon Ma Thuot is famous for coffee, especially Weasel coffee - if you're interested in . you can try and see them  eating the best ripe coffee berries to make  special  coffee, called weasel coffee. (coffee season is in november).We  then go to DraySap, DrayNur waterfalls, one  of the biggest waterfall of Viet Nam
we spend two hours in walking  along the river on a small track through a natural forest, its the left is a river and the right  is  erect cliffs  to get to another waterfall, Draysap, for sightseeing, and swimming, take lots of  picture, scenery here is really picturesque . .
 Come back  to Buon Ma Thuot center to go to Lak lake and get it around 4 or 5 pm, the sunset landscape is so marvellous, this direction of the west is red horizon and on the opposite direction a lot of white clouds surround the top of mountains.( if it’s not raining) you should take lots of picture
Have dinner with local food in Jun village, stay overnight in a long house - on - stilts in the village of M'nong ethnic people near by Lak lake.
*second day : After breakfast ,we get to the Lake to paddle and pole a piragua on Lak lake for an hour,it is very nice, charming at the dawn .
ride elephants  across the lake, it is so interesting, intelligent elephants use their trunks to measure the depth of water how to not get wet to  tourists on their backs
Visit Jun village , Le village, M’lieng village to know their traditional habits and experience the simple way of living, the culture of M'nong's ethnic minority, which still exists in Jun and M’lieng villages.
Have lunch with local dishes.
Leaving Lak lake for  coming back to Buon Ma Thuot center or Buon Ma Thuot airport, on our way stop somewhere for visiting coffee,rubber plantation .pepper  trees, taking some pictures from a beautiful situation overlooking  the rice valley .if enough time we will climb a big rock, granite stone as a short exercise period of 25 minutes, local people said : ' any person who reaches  the top of the rock will be happy and never get old age ' .
Transfer to Buon Ma Thuot airport for your flight .
phong canh ho Lak     Lac Lake, located 56 km from Buon Ma Thuot, is in the southern part of the province, close to National Highway 26. The great body of water hemmed between low mountains has been home to many kinds of wading birds for a long time.
    On the lakeside of Lac Lake is a magnificent palace owned by the last Nguyen King, Bao Dai. Standing on the balcony of the second floor, visitors get a panoramic view of the valley and the lake below. The remains the royal boat which was boarded for short cruises by the owner of the palace, Bao Dai, whenever he stayed in the palace. 

Jun Village

1      By the side of LAK LAKE is the sizeable the M'nong Rlam village of Jun with over 30 long houses. Different from the M'nong Gar who live in on-ground houses, the M'nong Rlam live in longhouses which are built on stilts like the Edeh. Their method of building long houses has remained simple and consists mainly of binding bamboo with thatch for the roof and walls, constructing support pillars and framing with wood using tenon-mortise technique. No metal nails are used. The houses are cool and well-ventilated, thanks to the building materials of thatch and bamboo. In the M'nong language, Jun means "jutting out." The village is named Jun because it juts out from green LAK LAKE. Coming to LAK LAKE, you may ride elephants around the village, row dugout canoes on the lake or enjoy the Gong show and drinking jar-wine with the villagers. You are welcome to stay overnight in the traditional longhouses at a budget price, allowing you to experience the local lifestyle of the village.

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Feedback Email From Our Customers
Hello Chinh
It's been already almost 2 months since we spend a very nice day with you in Buon Ma Thuot and around.
We wanted to tell you that in the month we spent in Vietnam, you were the best guide we had the chance to have.
You are a very good guide because it is obvious that you like meeting new people and showing them your nice region.
We really appreciated the time you took to show us around but also when we wanted to take a break and go have a coffee or buy some, you were showing us a good place and taking some time talking with us. You always chose places that were worth the view and always explained us what we needed to know about these places. And most important, you made me feel very secure while driving your car, which is hard because I am usually scared in car.
We enjoyed your company, you are a very good person.
We would have loved to meet your wife, we hope that someday we will return to Vietnam and have the chance to do it then.
Have a nice life, take care of yourselve and we would love to receive some news from you, now and then.
You will find come pictures joined to this message,
Your friends from Québec, Canada
Stéphanie and Sébastien

Visiting DrayNur waterfall

Visiting DrayNur waterfall


Come to Buon Ma Thuot to wallow in nature

Come to Buon Ma Thuot to wallow in nature  It is easy to come to Buon Ma Thuot of  Dak Lak in the central highland of Viet Nam , there are some ways to come as: Flights from Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot ,  Flights from Da nang - Buon Ma Thuot . Flights from Ha Noi - Buon Ma...

Lak Lake

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DrayNur waterfall


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stone mountain of love

Rural scene of the lake