Tour 11a : Buon Ma Thuot – city tour of Bmt – Buon Don tourist center – Draynur,Draysap waterfalls- Jun village & Lak lake – Da Lat city.( 5 days, 4 nights)

Tour 11a : Buon Ma Thuot – city tour of Bmt – Buon Don tourist center – Draynur,Draysap waterfalls- Jun village & Lak lake – Da Lat city.( 5 days, 4 nights)

·  We greet you at either the Buon Ma Thuot airport or bus station to your hotel, or go straight to tourist destinations .
It will be Based on your requests, arrival time , departure time, so we wills et up a tour how to be reasonable to your schedule- this is an approximate itinerary

     *Day 1: We come to Buon Ma Thuot airport to pick you up with a welcome board and then go to tourist destinations  (if in early morning) as city tour of Buon Ma Thuot - Buon Don tourist center
    Go to visit  Akothon (Ako Dhong) village (the village of Ede minority people),  ethnological museum of Dak Lak , Trung Nguyen coffee village ,  coffee restaurant of MeHyCo to try famous coffee of Buon Ma Thuot .
     Buon Ma Thuot is famous for coffee, especially Weasel coffee- if you're interested in . you can try and see them are eating the best ripe coffee berries to make  special  coffee called weasel coffee. (coffee season is in november).
     And then we go to Buon Don tourist center,  here, was famous for the traditional wild elephants catching and elephant taming  . You can know the ways  how to catch and taming wild elephants of M'nong ethnic people .
 Have lunch with local food

      Walk across the bamboo suspension bridge over Serepok river,  visit an ancient wooden house- on-stilts with Laotian  architecture.
Come back to Buon Ma Thuot center for hotel check-in . visit night city by yourself    

    *Day 2: Pick you up at you hotel after break fast at 8 am, go to Draynur and Draysap waterfalls, an  imposing  scene - one of the biggest waterfalls of Viet Nam, ..
      We spend  two hours in walking along the river on a small track through a natural forest, its the left is a river and the right  is  erect cliffs  to get to another waterfall, Draysap, for sightseeing, and swimming, take lots of  picture, scenery here is really picturesque
 Have lunch with local food in waterfall
     Come back  to Buon Ma Thuot center for Lak lake trip    
     We then go to beautiful Lak Lake, on our way we stop somewhere to see rubber, coffee, plantations, pepper trees, taking some pictures from a beautiful situation  overlooking the rice field valley, ..climb a big rock, grannite stone, local people said :‘any person who reaches the top of the rock will be happy and never getting old’   
     We will get to the Lak lake around 4h or 5 pm, the sunset landscape is so marvellous, this direction of the west is red horizon and on the opposite direction a lot of white clouds surround the top of mountains.( if it’s not raining) you should take lots of pictures .Have dinner with local dishes and spend the delightful night in long house –on- stilts in Jun village near by Lak lak.

     *Day 3: tomorrow morning, after breakfast, row a piragua on the lake to see natural lotus flowers, it is very nice, peaceful at the dawn and then have elephant riding, it is interesting, elephants paddle across the lake.
It’s breathtakingly, surprised, seeing elephants use their trunks to measure the depth of water how to not get wet to tourists on their backs, they are intelligent. Have lunch  in loca restaurant of  Lak lake .
- Transport by car during the itinerary
-English speaking guide
-Lunch (  lunches / ? pax / ? / 2 days )
-A room  night of hotel*** , ( in center ) and a night in long house ( in Lak lake )
- entrance tickets
-Elephant riding ( ? elephant / ? pax / 1/ h )
-Hollowed tree boat on Lak lake ( 1 h / ? pax / ? boat )   ]
( not including dinners,or drink, shopping)
 -Leaving for Da Lat trip
 We will get to Da Lat at 5 pm, chek-in hotel

*Day 4 & DAY 5 : In the morning at 8 am, go to visit :
- Valley of love
-City flower garden
-Crazy house hotel
-Bao Dai palace
-Dreaming hill 
-Lake of sorrow ( than tho lake )
-Langbiang highland 
-Truc Lam meditation pagoda
-Xuan Huong lake
-City night  market
-Prenn wterfall
-Datanla  waterfall
After two  days in Da Lat for seeing  -in the afternoon go to Lien Khuong airport of ( Lam Dong ) for your onward flight  . Or  other  place –based on your request                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
 Da Lat trip price :   ? Viet Nam dong ( ? usd/ ? pax ) including:
-  Transportation by car during the itinerary
-English speaking guide
-Lunch ( ? lunches / ? pax / ? / 3 days )
-2 room  nights of hotel**( in Da Lat)
- entrance tickets
-the trip for Lien khuong airport
( not including dinners,or drink, shopping)
When we know your specific schedule as  your arrival time and departure time, I will change the itinerary how to be reasonable to your schedule.


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