An attractive experience trip of finding Elephant in York Don National park

An attractive experience trip of finding Elephant in York Don National park
tourists will be picked up at a hotel at 5 am  then go to York Don National park, and get to that place around 6:15 - 6:30 am,..We Receive a brief of the signs the elephant carer  who will looks for to find their elephant in the forest. This involves searching for signs of where the elephant has walked through the forest in the night. Signs include looking and smelling for elephant dung, fresh vegetation destroyed  where the elephant has eaten during the night and looking for elephant footprints. 
6.45 Walk through the forest using your new skills and observe the keen tracking skills of the elephant carer to find the elephant in the forest. This can take up to three  hours
After found elephant :the elephants will come  back to the starting place next to Serepork river for morning swim. If you want to, you can ride the elephant without chair with elephant carer. Here learn some basic elephant control skills. 
Help the elephant carer fit the seat on the elephant so the elephant is ready for his working day of walking tourists through the forest.
Finish at 9:30:00 (depending how far the elephant has moved during the night)
Ending the program. the finding elephant trip .
We transfer to see a village, -  Yang lanh village , in which there are 5 groups live together in harmony and use laos language as common language.
11:30 have lunch with local dishes
 -Then visit Buon Don tourist center to learn  the legend of wild elephant catching and taming of M'nong tribe. Here you will see a lot of elephants 
- Take a walk on suspension bamboo bridge over Serepok river .
- see an ancient house with laotian architecture, the wooden house -on- stilts
Come back to your hotel at 2 pm and finish our services 
price :usd ( group tour ) for per person , the price included :
1- car 
2- English speaking guide
3- lunch with local dishes
4- Entrance tickets follow the program
5- bottled drinking water 
6- Elephant riding without chair on elephant's back 
7- Take a walk through the forest