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Rural scene of the lake

Weasel Coffee

Rural scene of the lake

Elephant crossing Lak lake

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Tour 3a: Buon Ma Thuot- city tour – Buon Don tourist center (one day )

MONday - 28/06/2010 09:16
Tour 3a: Buon Ma Thuot- city tour – Buon Don tourist center (one day )

Tour 3a: Buon Ma Thuot- city tour – Buon Don tourist center (one day )

     •  We greet you at either the Buon Ma Thuot airport or bus station to your hotel.
     •    Meeting you  in the morning at 8 am and go to visit  Akothon (Ako Dhong) village (the village of Ede minority people),  ethnological museum of Dak Lak , Trung Nguyen coffee village ,  coffee restaurant of MeHyCo to try famous coffee of Buon Ma Thuot .
Buon Ma Thuot is famous for coffee, especially Weasel coffee - if you're interested in . you can try and see them are eating the best ripe coffee berries to make  special  coffee, called weasel coffee. (coffee season is in november).
      And then we go to Buon Don tourist center,  here, was famous for the traditional wild elephants catching and elephant taming  . You can know the ways  how to catch and taming wild elephants of M'nong ethnic people .
Have lunch with local food
     Walk across the bamboo suspension bridge over Serepok river,  visit an ancient wooden house on stilts with Laotian  architecture.
Come back to Buon Ma Thuot center or airport depends on your request   
Buon Don beside Serepok river

BuonDon06    When speaking of DakLak , we must talk of elephants because DakLak is the native place of elephants. Ban Don is the home of wild elephant catchers and tamers whose fame was once echoed throughout the whole of Southeast Asia.

    Elephants have become a means for the natives to make a living. Traditional elephant races also take place here. Ban Don, also called Buon Don, in Laotian " Island village," is about 45 km North West of Buon Ma Thuot.

    Here the trade of wild elephant catching and taming and has made it completely different from any other village. The Edeh, the M'nong, and the Jarai villages in the past were very prosperous. The chiefs, including Y Thu (Khun Ja Nop) , Y Ky, and others were considered as kings, ruling over large areas of land. Now in Ban Don the customs and the cultural activities are a blend of many regions, countries, and eras.

Coming to Ban Don, you can ride elephants to sightsee the jungles, learn about elephant catching and taming, and various other activities.


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admin - 15/11/2013 15:12
feedback email from our tourist

Dear Chinh,

 I hope you are happy and in good health…
 Of course I remember you! And I remember all those nice places we went and the conversations we had.
 How are you? I am well and writing to you from Sydney, where I am visiting friends for a couple of weeks.
 It was a pleasure meeting you and I am glad you got to be my guide in the Central Highlands, because you were very professional and always in good humor.
 I do not know when will I ever come back to the Village of Thuot’s Father, but if I do, I promise to look you up.
 By the way, if you were to find the house where I lived, maybe I would come back sooner.
 Stay in contact and I will do the same.

Best regards,

Francisco "TJ" Tejeda

Visiting DrayNur waterfall

Visiting DrayNur waterfall


Come to Buon Ma Thuot to wallow in nature

Come to Buon Ma Thuot to wallow in nature  It is easy to come to Buon Ma Thuot of  Dak Lak in the central highland of Viet Nam , there are some ways to come as: Flights from Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot ,  Flights from Da nang - Buon Ma Thuot . Flights from Ha Noi - Buon Ma...

Lak Lake

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DrayNur waterfall


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stone mountain of love

Rural scene of the lake