Dray Sap Warterfalls

Dray Sap Warterfalls
It is about 28 km from Buon Ma Thuot to the South West, on the NR 14. Dray Sap hides itself in the primitive jungle, where it continually tumbles white foamy water day after day down to the plateaus.......

   Dray Sap legend as told by elders says that the beautiful H' Mi and her lover used to go farming together. They were resting one day on a rock when they saw a monster flying in the sky, its head as big as a mountain, eyes like brass cauldrons and its whole body glittering with silvery scales.

   The monster dived down and drove his trunk into the ground, creating a gigantic column of water that surged upwards, whisking away the terrified girl. Her lover was hurled up on the bank, watching helplessly and as his heart was torn out, his sweetheart vanished into the fog together with the glittering white scales.The pain of the event caused the young man to turn into a big tree with its roots deeply encroaching into the rocky promontory, posing as a miserable soul, weeping and raising his arms in despair.

   In the language of the Edeh, Dray Sap means "waterFALLS of mist." It is 15m high and 82m wide forming strong columns of water and white foamy clouds of spray. 
Standing next to the waterFALLS, one  experiences a refreshing shower of cool mist.