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Rural scene of the lake

Weasel Coffee

Rural scene of the lake

Elephant crossing Lak lake

Natural swimming pool

Elephant riding in Lak Lake

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Come to Buon Ma Thuot to wallow in nature

Come to Buon Ma Thuot to wallow in nature 

It is easy to come to Buon Ma Thuot of  Dak Lak in the central highland of Viet Nam , there are some ways to come as:
Flights from Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot , 
Flights from Da nang - Buon Ma Thuot .
Flights from Ha Noi - Buon Ma Thuot 
Sleeping buses from Ho Chi Minh,Mui Ne, Nha Trang beach, Quy Nhon, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ninh Binh also  come to Buon Ma Thuot, the chief town of the central highlands . Here is famous for coffee, elephant catching and wild elephant taming. you can see  or ride real elephants . stay in homestay in Jun village, M'nong people ethnic minority . staying here you will feel the pleasant of living in the countryside, it is  worthy of your request .. Stay over night  in the stilt house next to Lak Lake you will see sunset..See the mountain range dimly loomed in the thin veil of morning
Please let me know your arrival, departure time and how many people there are in your group, we will set up  a tour  based on your requests .you will be satisfied.

   Our goal at DakLak Super Tourist Service is to provide you with thoroughly, experienced trustworthy, dependable tourist guides and profesional drivers to share the majesty and beauty of DakLak with you. We have reliable fleet of four-seater, seven-seater & sixteen-seater, vehicles, bicycles and motorbikes. So you can visit some of the most picturesque places in DakLak and enjoy the friendliness of the different local ethnic groups in their own community 
  In DakLak you will pass through some of the most magnificent countrysides with the striking colours of the hills and valleys.
  We have tours to several of the most striking waterfalls of majestic greatness such as Dray Sap, Dray Nur.

     You are able to  visit not only Akothon village (AkoDhong), which is situated 2 km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot, the place of Ede people ethnic minority, on Tran Nhat Duat street, but also the Dak Lak museum ( ethnologic museum ) the pagoda of Khai Doan . Moreover you may also visit the former Buon Ma Thuot Exile Jail.
    Buon Ma Thuot is famous for coffee, especially Weasel coffee - if you're interested in. you can try and see them  eating the best ripe coffee berries to make  special  coffee called weasel coffee. (coffee season is in November)
    From Buon Ma Thuot, go to Buon Don Tourist Center, you can enjoy walking on the suspension bridge, passing Srepok river, riding elephant,and taking a walk or overnight camping in Yok Don National Park. Don't forget to visit an ancient wooden house on piles that is over a century old.

     Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit Lak lake a natural lake which scientists report was the vent of  a volcano eleven million years ago. Here you can ride elephants across the lake ( dug-out, canoes ) and see lotus flowers. You can also see local countryside lifestyle including fishing from hollowed tree boats and some M'nong ethnic minority planting out rice seedlings behind bamboo bushes - a delightful rural scene.
     You can also stay overnight in a long house on stilts in M'nong ethnic minority Jun village to experience and share their daily life activities.
      Around 4h or 5 pm, the sunset landscape is so marvelous. .( if it’s not raining)  The west horizon is red and on the east, white clouds surround the  mountain tops. You can take lots of pictures
It’s surprising to see how intelligent the elephants are here. They use their trunks to measure the depth of water to make sure the tourists on their backs do not get wet.
  Staying here, you feel time seems to slow down.

    It is easy to go to tourist destinations above mentioned or other places in Highland of Vietnam .
   For a reasonable price you can rent a car or motorbikes with an English speaking driver from our company.
Please let us know your arrival time, departure time
and how many people there are in your group , we will set up a suitable tour for you based on your requests . we  will show you a way to the best advantage to travel.

Your requests will be satisfied
     In Buon Ma Thuot you should enjoy the tasty local coffee or jar wine. Try our distinctly delicious fish cooked in sour bamboo shoot or bamboo sticky rice with grilled chicken you will love it.
     We offer many tours, to these fantastic areas, Buon Ma Thuot – Gia Lai, Buon Ma Thuot - Kon Tum, Buon Ma Thuot - Dat Lat, and Buon Ma Thuot - Nha Trang.
     We can book hotel rooms, plane tickets, bus tickets for you we also offer personalised private tour.
Please view these tours beside to choose   

             You will have unique experiences that you may not have elsewhere
Please feel free to contact us on
Mobile phone: ( +84) 905 159 726 (Mr Chinh),

Web site: DakLaktour.com Or Buonmathuottour.com
Happy travel Co.,Ltd
Add :  74 Nguyen Thai Binh street – Buon  Ma Thuot City – DakLak Province - Vietnam
Account No:0231000137875 –VietcomBank -DakLak

These are comments from our tourists in tripadvisor.com after their holidays:


Feedback Email From Our Customers
Hello Chinh
It's been already almost 2 months since we spend a very nice day with you in Buon Ma Thuot and around.
We wanted to tell you that in the month we spent in Vietnam, you were the best guide we had the chance to have.
You are a very good guide because it is obvious that you like meeting new people and showing them your nice region.
We really appreciated the time you took to show us around but also when we wanted to take a break and go have a coffee or buy some, you were showing us a good place and taking some time talking with us. You always chose places that were worth the view and always explained us what we needed to know about these places. And most important, you made me feel very secure while driving your car, which is hard because I am usually scared in car.
We enjoyed your company, you are a very good person.
We would have loved to meet your wife , we hope that someday we will return to Vietnam and have the chance to do it then.
Have a nice life, take care of yourselve and we would love to receive some news from you, now and then.
You will find come pictures joined to this message,
Your friends from Québec, Canada

Stéphanie and Sébastien

These are comments from our tourists in tripadvisor.com after their holidays:

Dear Chinh,

I am apologize for waiting so long to answer your e-mail.  I am finally getting around to it and notice it has been almost year since you wrote!  I will not let that happen again.

Jeri and I are doing well with our two dogs, Anie and Kacie.  Jeri retired from working last May so we have more time to spend together.  We have done some travel here in the U.S. and recently visited on the West Coast  -- only an ocean away from Viet Nam!  Mostly we spend our time close to Boise, doing lots of tent camping in the mountains and canyons of Idaho.

This time of year I think fondly of our 2008 trip to Viet Nam and, in particular, of our stay in Buon Ma Thuot and travels with you.  Meeting and spending our time with your family was very special part of our trip and we will never forget the kindness you and your wife and daughter gave us.  Jeri and I are happy to hear Hanh and Hang are doing well and ask you please give them a hug for us.  I looked at your web site -- very nice work.  I hope your business is doing well. 

Attached is a copy of our annual newsletter so you can read what we've been doing the last year.  We hope you will stay in contact with us, Chinh.  If you can, please send us a picture of you, Hanh and Hang.  

We are honored to call you and your family our friends.

(Jeri Wood) and Chenh (Dan Herrig)

Hi Chinh,
We have arrived safely in Hoi an. We all enjoyed your tour very much and will recommend to our friends to come to Buon Ma Thuot and do a tour with your company.
We will send you photos when we get to Canada.
Take care
Amy Heasman

Visiting DrayNur waterfall

Visiting DrayNur waterfall

Lak Lake

stone mountain of love

DrayNur waterfall


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stone mountain of love

Rural scene of the lake